There is a very well said maxim that goes like “The work suits in the hand of the one skilled to do it”. Electrical Embassy is an expert and specialist in domestic electrical works, commercial electrical works, industrial electrical works, air conditioning-split system and so on. So if you need any local electrician in Darra or industrial electrician in Darra, you will find us very upfront in providing the most durable, reliable as well as an affordable electrical solution for your home or business premises.

Our services such as air conditioning in Darra that also include split system air conditioning in Darra is considered to be the most sought after, as everyone, whether you are an individual or company owner wants a quality work such as installation of new air conditioning, repair and maintenance, accomplishing industrial project on time, providing excellent customer support to it easy for the customers and client to approach the service provider whenever any issue arises.


The services at Electrical Embassy is a rich blend of right advice, precise price quote and extraordinary quality of work that lets every client of ours become addicted of our work. Whether it electrical work or air conditioning in Darra, our staffs work diligently to provide the most reliable and appropriate solution in order to surpass client expectation and impart exceedingly exception electrical service and split system air conditioning in Darra. Time bound accomplishment of the project is one of our USP that makes us best from the rest.

Electrical services include: lighting, electrical breakdown, switchboards, power outlets, machinery connections, addition and alteration in electrical systems, CCTV systems, home, office, boardroom automation, etc.

Air conditioning services include: supply and installation of split air conditioning systems, cleaning, repairing and maintenance of split air conditioning systems, energy efficient system, industrial and commercial project, etc.


We comprehend the value of trained and dedicated staffs. This is the reason why, over the period of time we have built a strong team of skillful and dedicated team of technicians, master electricians, industrial electrician in Darra and so on. They are quite professional, reliable and friendly. They are trained through persistent training to discharge their duties with excellence and as per the requirement of the client to meet their expectations.


Communication with the prospective customers and client is one of our integral parts of our services. You are always welcome to have a prior consultation with our online support staff and take the most appropriate advice regarding the work you want or hiring local electrician in Darra. We will impart the most appropriate advice and solution that will help you to choose the right services for you.

If you want to hire us for an industrial or commercial project, we are available for prior appointment and meeting to discuss the project and most suitable solution for air conditioning in Darra. Several industrial projects require a delve consultation about how the whole project of split system air conditioning in Darra will be professionally accomplished by us on time and in stipulated budget.


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